almost a year later ....

Well it's back on the road again. I got a little side tracked with all the new things going on this past year; working for Torfi, getting into the groove of life NOT on the school bench, juggling finances, an unexpected trip to Arizona, my daughter moving back home with her little girl Jewlz (the apple of my eye!), and me and Bjöggi both doing our apprenticeships. Onward - ahead is my test for my photography diploma. It's gonna be a lot of work but this is so exciting. I have every other week to work on the goals that I have set for myself before my BIG test in October... I think it's in October rather than November. The goals I will be posting here. I just got off of Skype with my fun and crazy friend and schoolmate Sigga Jóna    ( She furthered her studies in Denmark at a photography collage there. It's good to be and get support from the kids from school. We were really blessed with an awesome class. I know it was THE most valuable thing I got out of all my schooling.

The first day of summer was the day before yesterday. I'm excited for it... the longer days we get here in Iceland, the weather a little bit warmer and the sun. The sun. The anticipation reminds me of a song by Ben Harper "She's only happy in the Sun".... so true!!!Image

~ this one was taken last week while on location with Torfi. I'll be posting pics from this past year in between posts;)))