FERM17 ~ Ásta Björk

This girl is absolutely breath taking! I had to share these two right away but I will be sharing more later... Ásta is even getting back to the studio this week for an extra session- there was so much more that we didn't get around to that we just have to get! ;)

 Ásta Björk

Ásta Björk

 FERM17 #ferm17 #balloondrop www.stinat.com

FERM17 #ferm17 #balloondrop www.stinat.com

 #ferm17 #AstaBjorkBW www.stinat.com

#ferm17 #AstaBjorkBW www.stinat.com

Friday afternoon on the roof top

Took an afternoon with my brother on the tallest tower in Reykjavík. It's no skyscraper but with the Icelandic winds, there was no way we would have gone any further up (due to our fear of heights...hehe). Our cold island is absolutely magnificent ~ whether within the city limits or out in the country. With the view from up above our little capital seems even smaller. Take a moment to look around, enjoy your surroundings and have a great weekend peoples! From the roof top









And the "it" color for 2015 is ....

Rocking the Red And the "it" Color for 2015 announced by Pantone ....drumroll please... is marsala. A creamy wine red color that is to die for!

Siggi from Sigosig Photography, (who is my roomie here at S11 and a fellow alumni from The Technical Academy Reykjavík where we majored in photography) thought it a bit peculiar that I wanted to add this color to our backgrounds so soon after the holiday seasons  ~ but hey! who's going to argue with Pantone?!?

stay tuned!

fb-EmsNessa-11131 the girlz dropped by S11 (the studio) last nite for some ground work on a very exciting and maybe even controversial project that will be announced at a later date! Emz was assisting both in front and behind the camera ;)))

Mr.Steinarsson <3

_MG_7668BBB My goodness! How time flies ! Baby Benedikt came to the studio for the first time in his mamma's belly and already he is sitting and making the most adorable poses that come so naturally to him! He is so blessed with his amazing parents who I just absolutely adore! Our next session is something I'm really looking forward to!

First assisting project of 2015 with Torfi Pictures

Day 1 of 2 on assisting for Torfi Pictures this new year. We were out and about hours before the sun came up and hadn't wrapped until hours after the sun went down. Have to admit that isn't hard during the winter months in Reykjavik , where daylight hours are scarce even though today was a 14 hour work day. There were plenty of fun shots, brilliant characters & challenging tasks! More tomorrow ...  




vef-BW_MG_7298 Meet Markús! This handsome little fellow is the first born of his parents who are so very excited about him... understandably! I was honored to be able to document his birth , my absolute favorite sessions. Life is such a miracle and in my mind the greatest one ever. He has already had his newborn photo session and this last image was taken at his 3 month milestone. I'm so privileged to document this little guy and his big life! <3

vef-PalinaHeidar-8675 Life is such a spectacular thing! This mother has been exclusively embracing her baby boy for eight months now and with anticipation is preparing for the new addition to her family. <3


For the past two months I have been photographing for a new Icelandic online lifestyle magazine. With no gossip and politics , it's a fabulous magazine with a load of great pieces and articles. I love the fact that you can "actually" flip the pages of the magazine but if you want you can scroll too;) here's a bit that I've contributed:vef-Krom cosmetics-5503 vef-Krom cosmetics-5596 vef-Krom cosmetics-5629 vef_MG_5800 vef_MG_5844 vef_MG_5858Bbbb vef_MG_5002 vef_MG_5010

My favorite shoots...

Last month I was privileged to photograph the birth of Simon and Arna's first born son. It was breathtaking !My next birth is only a few days away and I am so excited!


almost a year later ....

Well it's back on the road again. I got a little side tracked with all the new things going on this past year; working for Torfi, getting into the groove of life NOT on the school bench, juggling finances, an unexpected trip to Arizona, my daughter moving back home with her little girl Jewlz (the apple of my eye!), and me and Bjöggi both doing our apprenticeships. Onward - ahead is my test for my photography diploma. It's gonna be a lot of work but this is so exciting. I have every other week to work on the goals that I have set for myself before my BIG test in October... I think it's in October rather than November. The goals I will be posting here. I just got off of Skype with my fun and crazy friend and schoolmate Sigga Jóna    (www.siggajona.com). She furthered her studies in Denmark at a photography collage there. It's good to be and get support from the kids from school. We were really blessed with an awesome class. I know it was THE most valuable thing I got out of all my schooling.

The first day of summer was the day before yesterday. I'm excited for it... the longer days we get here in Iceland, the weather a little bit warmer and the sun. The sun. The anticipation reminds me of a song by Ben Harper "She's only happy in the Sun".... so true!!!Image

~ this one was taken last week while on location with Torfi. I'll be posting pics from this past year in between posts;)))